VIVI Good Life Retail Service Provider

Shelia Clark

AUGUST 14, 2017


VIVI is a leading technology company focusing on electric mountain bikes, aiming to build a global online retail platform integrated with the Internet of Things, including products such as two-wheel electric city bikes and electric mountain bikes.

VIVI electric mountain bikes are exclusively designed by VIVI. VIVI selects and customizes bicycle parts from global high-quality bicycle equipment companies. It is produced by China Guangzhou Plenty Bicycle Co., Ltd., one of the leading bicycle manufacturers in China. The place of origin is in China.


The establishment of VIVI has a mission: to provide real, high-quality, high-value electric mountain bikes to customers. Buying a electric mountain bike gives you happiness, not trouble! It is this basic characteristic that drives us and inspires us to make electric mountain bikes accessible to everyone.

We are proud to bring you the best series of mountain bikes. You can browse these bikes conveniently on the sofa. No longer need to find the "one" that suits you in many bicycle shops. More importantly, we make you happy to receive nearly 90% of the assembled bicycles. Just receive, simply assemble and ride! It's that simple!


Each of our products has been carefully selected. Our selection of accessories includes world-renowned brands, such as SHIMANO, SRAM, MOSSO, CATEYE, etc. Whether you are looking for an entry-level electric mountain bike that will take you around the block, or a fully functional professional electric mountain bike, we can meet your needs. Our product line is equipped with various bicycle accessories, including batteries, chargers, lights, frame, tires, etc. There are new products every day, so please check back frequently.


We ship products to most European and American countries, and cooperate with large logistics companies to provide most of the standard transportation for free. Our goal is to continuously reduce the cost that customers may have to pay when they cannot or do not want to choose standard shipping.


We have resources, distribution and locations in the United States, the United Kingdom, the European Union, and China. Warehouse located in Los Angeles, California has a world-wide network of top manufacturers. VIVI has established a long-term professional relationship, which allows us to provide you, our customers, with more competitive prices than general industry distributors.

Our products, our stores, our warehouse and our transportation are all there to support you. We’re building your dream bike right now. And we can’t wait to ride with you.

img is our official online retail website. The team is committed to providing customers with low-cost, high-quality products and professional customer service, ensuring that customers obtain high-quality products with the widest selection and reasonable prices.


Currently, our services cover the United States, European Union countries and the United Kingdom, and more countries will be launched soon! stay tuned!

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